Largest Public Sector unit in North Kerala including 7 districts (from Kasargode to Thrissur)

Out Patient services
OP conducted on Mondays and Wednesdays in the newly constructed super speciality block.Endoscopic procedures like diagnostic rigid oesophagoscopy and bronchoscopy, biopsy, foreign body removal and oesophageal stricture dilatation.

Preoperative clinical evaluation, echocardiographic evaluation and in patient admission.


In patient services
Preoperative evaluation and investigations.Preparing patients for operative procedures.

Supportive therapy.


Operative procedures
Almost all adult cardiac surgical procedures (open and closed heart), General thoracic procedures and most paediatric cardiac surgical procedures are being done.Surgical procedures for congenital & acquired valvular (valve replacement and repair), coronary (coronary artery bypass grafting) and other cardiac conditions are being done.

General thoracic procedures like Lobectomy, pulmonectomy, decortication, oesophageal surgeries, lymph node biopsies and diaphragmatic repair procedures.


Emergency services
Emergency surgical intervention in thoracic trauma, vascular trauma and occlusion.
Postoperative care
A dedicated immediate postoperative ICU and step down ICU with full spectrum of invasive and noninvasive monitoring devices and ventilatory support systems.Dedicated set of staff nurses and other supportive staff is present round the clock for postoperative care with a medical officer in supervision.


Operative days – Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
Year 2015 : Annual turn over of cases is in the region of 760 open heart cases, near 200 closed heart procedures and near 100 emergency procedures.