OP Days & Units

          There are OP services on all week days at Medical College Hospital. Casualty and Emergency Psychiatric services as and when arise are also met by the department.

          There are two units at Medical College.

Unit I    

 Unit Head                Dr. Prabahavathy K.S

           OP Days   :  Monday, Wednesday, Friday

Unit – II

          Unit Head   : Dr. K.S. Mohan

          OP Days   : Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday

      IP Wards and Bed strength

          The department has the following IP wards

          Ward 29      – Female ward           – 17 beds

          Ward 44      – Male ward               – 12 beds

          Ward 45      – Deaddiction ward      – 18 beds

          Patients are regularly admitted and managed in the IP wards.



          The department is running 3 speciality clinics since few years. The aim of the special clinics are to provide focussed and comprehensive care to the particular groups of patients who attend such clinics.

Special clinics

1.Deaddiction Clinic                      on Monday         8.00am to

2. Suicide Prevention Clinic          on Thursday       8.00am to 12am

3. Child and Adolescent Guidance Clinic on Saturday     8.00am to 12am 

          Each special clinic is conducted under the supervision of a consultant psychiatrist of the Department. The Psychiatrist, Psychologist and social worker work together in providing the much needed multidisciplinary comprehensive care to these vulnerable group of patients.

Gr.Meeting of substance users and Alcoholic Anonymous

          For the last few years, the department is conducting regularly group meeting of AA ad substance users on every Monday after noon. This has been of much use and benefit to the abstainers and those currently undergoing deaddiction and abstinence management.


Nodal Office for District Mental Health Programme,  Kannur

Speciality Posting            :               Child Psychiatry (at NIMHANS)

                                                                Neurology , Neurosurgery , Medicine

 Till now 51 persons have been awarded MD Psychiatry Degree from the institute