Research Articles from the Department published

Comparative study of serum lipid profile of suicide attempters versus Normal age, sex and BMI matched controls. Dr.P.N.S.K. Abu Abraham, Biju Thomas, A.M. Kunhi Koyamu Indian Journal of Psychological Medicine – Vol. 26 No.1, 2003.
Clinical profile of Alcohol and Opioid dependent patients – A comparative Study. Dr.Biju Thomas, Dr.Rajmohan, Dr.Ashok Kumar, Dr.Kunhi Koyamu.A.M. Indian Journal of Psychological Medicine – Jan – June 2004.
A study of Independent correlates of Alcohol withdrawal – A prospective approach. Dr.Rajmohan, Dr.Ashok Kumar, Dr.A.M. Kunhi Koyamu, Dr.Sreekumar.D. Indian Journal of Psychological Medicine Vol.26 No.1. 2005.
Social Factors & Psychopathology in Epilepsy. Dr.N.Cyriac, P.N.Suresh Kumar, A.M.Kunhi Koyamu. A.S.Girija. Neurology India, 50, June 2002, 153 – 157.
Age & sex related analysis of psycho sociodemographic profile of suicide attempters .Dr.Suresh Kumar.P.N., Abu Abraham, Kunhi Koyamu.A.M. Indian Journal of Psychological Medicine Vol. 25 No.1, January – June 2002.
Case Reports published

Plica Neuropathica, (Polonica) in Schizophrenia : a Case report and review of literature. Dr.P.N.Suresh Kumar, Dr.Beena Antony, Dr.Ashish Chakravarthy, Dr.A.M.Kunhi koyamu, P.281 IJP Vol.43 No.3 July 2001. (IJP- Indian Journal of Psychiatry).
Self enucleation of eyes in schizophrenia : An unusual mode of deliberate self harm. Dr.P.N. Suresh Kumar, N.Subramanian, A.M.Kunhi Koyamu & Ranja Kumar, P 351 Vol. 43 No.4 Oct. 2001 IJP.
Poster Communication

Alcohol withdrawal – A Comparison of the clinical and demographic factors in groups treated with chlordiazepoxide and lorazepam. Dr.Rajmohan.V, Biju Thomas, Ashok Kumar, Kunhi koyamu.A.M. Sreekumar.D.

Presented in the XIII Congress of Psychiatry held at Egypt in 2005 as a poster communication.

Other original Article from the Department

Suicide intent, Lethality and personality dimensions in a group of Deliberate self harm patients Dr.Aniji.V.R., K.S.Prabhavathy, A.M.Kunhikoyamu.
Personality profile, social support and perceived stress in Adjustment Disorder patients. Dr.Kavitha.K.R., Dr.Geetha.C., Dr.Kunhikoyamu.A.M. (‘Won 1st prize in the PG Award prepare competition Kerala IPS Conference 2005).
Selected for free paper oral presentation at Annual National Conference of the Indian psychiatric Society – ANCIPS 2006 held at Bombay.

Personality profile, family functioning and Drug Taking situations of long term and short term Alcohol abstainers. A Comparative study. Dr.Smitha.C.A, Dr.Ashok Kumar.P, A.M.Kunhi Koyamu.
Psychiatric Morbidity, Relationship with stressful life events and social support in Adolescent suicide attempters. Dr.Arun.B. Nair, Dr.C.Ajitha, Dr.A.M.Kunhi Koyamu (Bogged 1st prize in PG Award session of Keala IPS conference at Mannar 2006).
Prevalence of Alcohol use in suicide attempters Dr.Abhijith, Dr.Asfaq U Rahman, Dr.A.M.Kunhi Koyamu.
Adolescent Psychiatric Disorders and stressful life events. Dr.Ramesh, Dr.K.S.Prabhavathy, Dr.A.M.Kunhi Koyamu.


1. Psychiatric Morbidity among Prisoners.

Dr. Anithakumari Ayirolimeethal, Asst. Professor

Mrs. Jayanthi. M.R, Asst. Professor, Govt. Nursing College, Kozhikode

G.Ragesh( M.phil) MSW, Psychiatric Social Worker

(Study done at – District Jail, Kozhikode; during mid April to mid July 2011)


2.Temperamental factors and psychiatric morbidity in children attending CGC in a tertiary referral center.

Dr. Prabhavathy.K.S        Professor

Dr. Anithakumari              Assistant Professor

(Started on 01.05.2011 still continuing)


3. Treatment response in Psychotic Vs. Non Psychotic mania

Dr. Prabhavathy.K.S, Professor

Dr. Rajith S Ravindren, Sr. Resident

(Started on 01.01.2013 still continuing)

4. Patents of depression, burn out and empathy any medical students — An 18 month follow up study Dr. Harish.M.T, Professor

5. A study of Anxiety and Depression in patients with Psoriasis and its response to treatment                  Dr. Harish.M.Tprofessor, Dr. Abdul Latheef Associate Professor

6.. Case report — A case of Paranoid Schizophrenia associated with unconjugated hyperbilirubinema (Gilbert’s syndrome), Abha Prasad, Ganesh Kini, Harish M Tharayil, Kerala Journal of Psychiatry 25 (1) August 2011

7.. Cognitive and functional impairment in late life depression; Shaji K S, Harish M Tharayil, Roy K George, Rejani P P, Kerala Journal of Psychiatry 24 (1) July / September 2012

8.. A survey of psychiatric services for people who attempt suicide in south India. Sudhir Kumar CT, Tharayil HM, Anil Kumar TV, Ranjith G. Indian J Psychiatry 2012;54:352-5.

9.. An introduction to Patient reported outcomes and quality of life; Dr Harish M Tharayil; Kerala Journal of Psychiatry:27(1), September 2013

10.. Postgraduate training in Psychiatry in Kerala — Current status. Kerala Journal of Psychiatry:27(1), September 2013

11. A study of patients attending clinics of District Mental Health Program to assess satisfaction with service, rehospitalization and disability. Harish M Tharayil, Jayanthi M, Ramanujam, Rajeev Krishnan; Indian Journal of Social Psychiatry 2013;29(3-4) 102-7

12 Mental Health Care of older people: Can the District mental health Programs of India make a difference? Harish M Tharayil, Anish Thomas, Bindu V Balan, K S Shaji, Indian J Psychol Med 2013;35:332-4

13. Analysis of patients admitted with alcohol dependence syndrome in a tertiary care hospital in a calendar year Nishanth J H, Harish M Tharayil, Praveenlal Kuttichira Health Sciences 2014;1 (3):JSOO1A

14 Organic Mood Disorder Following Left Anterior Temporal Lobectomy with Amygdalohippocampectomy. Nishanth J. Haridas, Rajeesh V. Kalayil, Harish M. Tharayil, Mary P. Rappai (Accepted for publication in Ind J Psychol Med forthcoming issue)



Observed World Mental Health Day, Schizophrenia Day, International day against Drug Use, Anti-tobacco day with various programmes including awareness campaigns within the campus, among school and college students, quiz competitions,  write-ups in news papers etc.