On going research includes

  • Methyl Alcohol poisoning                                         Dr. Suma
  • Ocular manifestations of chikunguinea                Dr. Suma
  • Homocysteine in venous occlusion                       Dr. Padma
  • Paediatric uveitis – Clinical profile                        Dr. Jyothi
  • Macular changes in diabetic retinopathy            Dr. Bindu S




  1. Factors influencing macular thickness in Indian diabetes mellitus patient with spectral optical coherence tomography – Dr. Rose Mary
  2. Ocular trauma in road-traffic accident – Dr. Neethu
  3. Retinal changes with myopia – A cross sectional study using spectral optical coherence tomography – Dr. Divya
  4. Posterior segment manifestation in HIV / AIDS and its correlation with CD4 count – Dr. Kala
  5. Macular thickness in normal population variation with age – An OCT study – Dr. Prajina
  6. Central corneal thickness in Type II DM and its correlation with HBA1C using USG pachymetry – Dr. Sam
  7. Manifestations and visual outcome of ocular chemical injury – Dr. Preetha
  8. Clinical profile and OCT observation in patients with CSR – Dr. Krishna Babu
  9. RNFL analysis in ocular HTN, normal tension glaucoma, primary open angle glaucoma by spectral domain OCT – Dr. Bindu
  10. Ultrabiomicroscopy evaluation of anterior segment changes of Nd YAG laser iridotomy in primary angle closure – Dr. Smrithy
  11. Refractive errors in school children – Dr. Husna
  12. Corneal endothelial changes in type II DM – Dr. Nikitha
  13. Posterior uveitis – clinical profile – Dr. Manoj


 Continuing Medical education Programmes

 These are conducted once a year with assistance from Government


1. Newer contact lenses-KSOS journal September 2004

2. Blepharoptosis – KSOS journal-June 2003

3. Spectacle intolerance-KSOS journal-June 2001


1. Prevalence of Retinopathy of prematurity March 2001

2. Reconstructive surgery for eyelids-December 2001

3. Evaluation & Management of orbital mass lesion –march 2002

4. Bilateral choroidal metastasis from CA breast in a young male-June 2002

5. Ocular manifestations of Steven Johnson Syndrome –clinical study –september 2002

6. Endoscopic DCR in Primary Aquired Nasolacrimal Duct Obstruction-March 2003

7. Conjunctival limbal autograft insurgicalmanagement of pterygium-June 2003

8. Ocularmanifestations in HIV- A prevalence study

9. CPAngle tumour- a rare clinical presentation-June 2004

10 .Lascodiploidia theobromae-an unusual cause for corneal ulcer-June 2004

 Awards & achievements

  • Prof.Sankaramenon award awarded by Kerala State Ophthalmic Society in the year 2000    – Dr.N.Bindu
  • Prof.Subramaniam award for best post graduate presentation- 2002 –Dr.Padma.B.Prabhu
  • Prof.Subramaniam award for best post graduate presentation -2003 -Dr.Baby Thomas
  • Quiz competitions –First in Drishti-2002
  • Quiz competitions –First in Drishti-2003