Out patient service

OP – caters to 300 patients / day

3 units


OP day

Unit chief

Unit I

Monday, Thursday

Dr. K.V Raju

Unit II

Tuesday, Friday

Dr. Arunkumar

Unit III

Wednesday, Saturday

Dr. Jyothi PT


Speciality clinics



MO in charge



Dr. Jyothi PT



Dr. K.V Raju



Dr. Arunkumar

Saturday (3rd & 4th)

Squint & Paediatric

Dr. Suma


Diagnostic and therapeutic services available

  1. B.Scan
  2. FFA and Fundus camera
  3. OCT
  4. HFA
  5. UBM
  6. Pachymetry
  7. Specular microscope
  8. Keratometry
  9. Biometry
  10. Automatic refraction unit
  11. Phoropter
  12. Anterior segment camera
  13. YAG laser
  14. Retinal laser
  15. Synoptophore
  16. Carl-Zeiss operating microscope
  17. Carl-Zeiss phacomachine
  18. Appasamy phacomachine

Facilities for surgical procedures

Cataract – ECCE, SICS, Phaco

Glaucoma surgeries

Squint surgeries

Vitreo retinal                         Retinal detachment

Intravitreal injections

Diagnostic and therapeutic vitrectomy

Emergency surgical procedures – Penetrating injury, globe rupture


Ocular surface reconstruction

All the services in the Department of Ophthalmology are free of cost


Mobile Ophthalmic Unit

           Central Mobile Unit attached to this department is functioning for the last 22 years serving six districts of North Kerala. This CMU conducts eye camps in rural areas with the help of voluntary organizations as well as government dispensaries All patients requiring further care are brought to the hospital. Cataract and other surgeries are done free of cost to these patients with the assistance of District Blindness Control Society.

 Eye Bank

          Eye bank attached to this   department is affiliated to Eye bank association of India. This functions round the clock .Contact number,

                                 0495-2355534    Ext-335                                                               0495-2355533    Ext-335 

Emergency services :  24 hour service is available manned by Medical Officer with the assistance of post graduates & house surgeons 

Inpatient Services    :   have 4 admitting wards, two female & two male wards

                                 Total bed strength – 65

Theatre service          Each unit has two theatre days per week