Department is running an active PhD programme under the guidance of Dr. P.K.Sasidharan.  Presently 10 of our faculty members are doing research projects for PhD.

Topic of research

Name of candidate

Name of Guide

Prevalence and Aetiological Factors of Thyroid Dysfunction in a Rural Population of North Kerala Dr.Geetha.P Dr.Binoy J Paul
A Study of Clinical Metabolic and Anthropometric Profile  and possible Etiological factors among Newly Detected Type 2 DM in North Kerala Dr.Sajeeth Kumar.K.G Prof.P.K.Sasidharan
A study of clinical profile and behaviour of myelodysplastic  syndrome in n0rth kerala Dr.Praveen.M Prof.P.K.Sasidharan
Acute Myeloid Leukemia – A Cohort Study of Clinical Profile and evaluation of outcome of  Management Protocols Dr.Mohamed Shaan Prof.P.K.Sasidharan
Clinical and Serological Profile of Anti Phospholipid Antibody Syndrome in North Kerala Dr.Shajit Sadanand Dr Binoy J Paul
Prevalence, Risk factors and subtypes of Stroke in an Urban Community of North Kerala Dr.Pradeep Kumar.V.G Dr Binoy J Paul

With 12 MD students joining admission every year, 12 thesis papers are submitted every year on various topics of current interest.

          Some of the interesting theses submitted last year include:

  1. A search on all aetiological factors of non alcoholic fatty liver disease – A comparison study with liver function tests and body mass index.
  2. Clinical profile of leptospirosis.
  3. Acute suicidal poisoning – A clinical and epidemiological profile in North Kerala.
  4. Clinical profile and effect of low dose ASV in hemotoxic snakebite
  5. Spontaneous bacterial peritonitis in alcoholic liver disease
  6. Clinical profile of primary SAH
  7. Aetiology, prognostication and outcome of septic shock in northern Kerala
  8. Prevalence of diastolic dysfunction in patients with diabetes mellitus
  9. Clinical profile and long term sequelae of chikunguniya in North Kerala
  10. Clinical and aetiological profile of ischaemic stroke in young adults
  11. Clinical profile of hypertensive crisis in North Kerala
  12. Clinical profile of cerebral sinus thrombosis in a tertiary care centre.

Each of the theses is critically evaluated by the faculty at various levels at selection, protocol discussion, collection and analysis of data, review of literature etc. Finally each thesis is discussed before the faculty who evaluates them according to content, way of presentation and social relevance. Best of three is selected according to the marks and is presented in the annual CME which is evaluated by an outside panel before selecting the best one. Best thesis is given the Ahammed Siraj memorial award which includes certificate and a cash prize of Rs.5000.