On going research projects and few of the research works already conducted in our department in previous years :


Screening of Pharmacological actions of Aegle marmelos.

Evaluation of Analgesic anti-inflammatory and diuretic actions of Amaranthus spinosus.

Toxicity profile of anti-cancer drugs in acute lymphoblastic leukemia and protective role of Vitamin E on these toxicities in albino rats.

Comparative study of intra articular Hyaluronic acid and intra articular Triamcinolone hexacetonide in the treatment of osteoarthritis knee.


Comparative study of efficacy and safety of SERM (Ormeloxifene) and medroxyprogesterone acetate in the treatment of anovulatory dysfunctional uterine bleeding.


Study of efficacy and safety of rivastigmine on cognitive functions and quality of life with placebo in patient with schizophrenia treated with risperidone –A double blind randomized controlled clinical trial.

Dr.Sibin Abraham Kurian

A randomized double blind placebo controlled trial for the comparative study of Olanzapine and Risperidone in schizophrenia.


A randomized double blind placebo controlled trial to evaluate the efficacy and effect on colonic motility of Tegaserod in male patients with constipation predominant Irritable bowel syndrome.