Department of Microbiology


Postgraduate Studies:
There was no facility for higher studies in Microbiology in Kerala till the university of Calicut came into being. With the starting of the MD course in Microbiology in the department in 1970, when Dr. C.K. Jayaram Paniker was the head of the Dept., (he was the head from 1967 to 1987) it became the first in the state to offer this facility. Steady annual intake of candidates ensured that the requirements of microbiologists in the state could soon be met.
Soon after, the university recognized the department for Ph.D training and its head as the guide. This helped many students, both local and from outside to obtain the degree after research.

Research programmes:
The department had taken up several topics for study and research during this period. Some of them are as follows:

1. Small pox surveillance- As per the request from Govt. of India and the WHO, the department served as the centre for testing samples from suspected small pox cases from South West India, towards the end of its eradication.

2. Investigation of hospital infections in Malabar and Cochin regions.

3. Investigation of epidemic diarrhoeal diseases.

4. Epidemiology, virology and serology of poliomyelitis in Calicut (study done by Dr. Vijayan

Important findings from investigations:

Chloramphenicol resistance in typhoid fever.

Transferable multiple drug resistance

Rotavirus epidemic in children

Publications (Textbooks):

Textbook of Microbiology — (Late) R. Ananthanarayan & C.K. Jayaram Paniker, First published in 1978. Now in its 7th edition – Orient Longman, Chennai.

Textbook of Medical Parasitology – C.K.Jayaram Paniker,First published in 1988. Now in nits 6th edition – Jaypee Brothers New Delhi

Other publications:


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List of publications from Department of microbiology for last 3 years

1. Citrobacter koseri Meningitis, Shylaja Anitha P.M et al JACM June 03 Vol5:45

2. Management of Neonatal meningitis, Anitha P.M et al, JACM Dec 01 Vol 3 : p 77

3. Prevalence of parasitic infections in hospitalized diarrhoea patients with special reference to Cryptosporidium, Anitha P.M , Sudarsana J , JACM Dec 02 Vol 4 :p 61

4. Changing Sesitivity pattern of S.typhi in Calicut during 1995 – 2003, Lathi Nair & Sudarsana.J, Calicut Medical Journal (online) http://

5. Epidemic of Salmonella enterica paratyphi A in Calicut , Lathi Nair Calicut Medical Journal (online) http://

6. Poster presentation at CMC Winter symposium at Christian Medical College Vellore Dec 16- 17 , 2004

a. Dirofilariasis- Emerging zoonotic infection- Anitha P.M , Sudarsana J, Girija K.R

b. Comparative study on drug sensitivity tesiting by absolute concentration method with rapid slide culture method for M. tuberculosis- Kalpana George, Lathi Nair, Sudarsana J

c. Melioidisis- 3 case reports- Remadevi.S, Sudarsana J, Lathi Nair, Anitha P.M

7. Pin worm infection- unusual presentation- ,Bindu, Vijayakumar, Anitha P.M National Journal Of Communicable diseases 2004

8. Burkholderia pseudomallei- recurrent localised infection- Remadevi. S , Beena Philomina J, Girija K R , Anitha P M, Lathi Nair, Sudarsana J. The journal of academy of clinical microbiologists December 2005 number 2

9. Sparganosis- Sudarsana J. The journal of academy of clinical microbiologists December 2005 number 2

10.Paper & Poster presentation SIHAM -2006- VI National conference of the society for Indian Human and Animal Mycology , Hyderabad Jan 19-22 2006

Paper- Fatal invasive Aspergillosis by Asergillus terreus- Nizamuddin M

Poster- Fonsecae pedrosoi dacryocystitis complicating sinusitis- Mini P.N

Poster- Uncommom fungal isolates- Anitha P M


  1. Nocardiosis – varied presentations; Dr Shabina M.B at Govt. Medical College Thrissur – February 2009 conducted by ACM
  2. Automated culture – Dr S. Sreelatha at Govt. Medical College Thrissur – February 2009 conducted by ACM.
  3. 3. Infective endocarditis– a rare cause (Best paper) – Dr Shabina M.B at Govt. Medical College, Kozhikode – February 2010, during CME on Practice of Clinical Microbiology conducted by ACM
  4. 4. Scrub Typhus : case series; Dr Aishwarya P. Kumar at Govt. Medical College, Kozhikode – February 2010 during CME on Practice of Clinical Microbiology conducted by ACM
  5. 5. Case of multidrug resistant Acinetobacter meningitis in a neonate – A relapse (Best paper); Dr Mohamed Hisham P.P at Govt. Medical College, Thiruvananthapuram – October 2011, during CME conducted by ACM.
  6. 6. Case of Phaeoacremonium parasiticum in a renal transplant patient- the dark side of a dematiaceous fungi; Dr Swapna Helen John at Govt. Medical College, Thiruvananthapuram – October 2011, during CME conducted by ACM.
  7. Poster presentation –Meliodosis in North Kerala  ,2nd National Conference of IDSI 2008 Hyderabad.