1. Medicolegal Autopsy 🙁 Police/magisterial Authorization required)

– Sudden deaths.
– Deaths under suspicious circumstances.
– Road and rail traffic deaths.
– Poisoning cases.
– Infant deaths.
– Murder.
– Medical negligence cases.
– National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) Cases.
– Scene Visits
– Exhumations.
– Consultation and expert opinion.
– Material examination.
2. Clinical Forensic Medicine: ( Entry portal- Police Request)

-Age determination.
-Potency examination.
-Accused examination.
-Examination of fitness for detention and interrogation.
-Wound certification.
-Expert opinion.
-Drunkenness examination.
-Subject examination.
3. Toxicology

– Information and consultation (for Doctors only)
– Autopsy (see above)
– Forwarding of materials for toxicological analysis as per Kerala Chemico-legal rules.
4. Medical Ethics and Law:

– Consultation for Doctors, Police and Court.
5. Teaching:

– MBBS 3rd, 4th and 5th semester students (full time)
– MD Forensic Medicine.( Full time)
– MD Pathology.
– Bsc and Diploma Nursing students
– DMLT (laboratory technology) students.
– BHMS (Homeopathy) students.
– Training of Doctors in health service.
– Training of Police personnel.
– Training of Public Prosecutors.

(Observation visits and training have to be sanctioned by the Principal, Medical College, Calicut).
6. Mortuary and Cold Storage:

– Deaths in MCH and related hospitals.
– Police request.
– Private requests (limited- please ensure availability by phone).