1998  Evaluation of Pulse Polio Immunisation in India-GOI/Indiaclen Sadasivan Pillai/Saju C R
2000 Study on Knowledge Attitude and practices on Malaria in Indian Population .GOI ,NICD  Kurian P V /U.Farook/Thomas Bina
2001 Tracking Progress towards sustainable elimination of IDD in Kerala .ICCIDD /UNICEF/AIIMS  Ramla Beegum/P I Narayanan
2001 Monitoring quality of Iodised salt to prevent IDD in Southern states  -GOI /AIIMS/Salt Dept ThomasBina/Jaikrishnan
2002 Family Health awareness Evaluation  Survey /GOI Indiaclen  Ramla Beegum
2003 Assessment of Injection Practices in India/GOI Inclen/AIIMS  Ramla Beegum/ TBina/ Hymavathy/Lucy Raphael
2004 Proceedings of Calicut medical Journal 2005-Undergraduate PSBH Projects -HAP VijayKumar/Thomas Bina/ /Bindhu Vasudevan /PGs
2004 Pinworm infection-unusual presentation JCD Rao B ,Bindhu V,Anitha
2005 Facility Check of Health Centres in North kerala T Bina/Manjula V D/Libu
2006 Mass Drug Administra tion for Filariasis in 2005 -Coverage Evaluation in Calicut city Bindhu V/T Bina/ Asuma A
2006 Profile of STD patients in India – CHA-NIHFW,Delhi Lucy Raphael/T Bina/Bindu
2007 Urban Health Survey Calicut Corporation Bina,/Bindhu/Lucy/Asuma
2007 NRHM Survey Wayanad Distrct NRHM /T Bina/Bindhu V
2008 IDSP –NCD Risk factor Survey (ICMR_Clinical epidemiology unit TVM) HOD & All staff

  Ongoing in 2009

2009 Outbreak of Hepatitis A  in Medical College Hostels Calicut All Staff
2009 Evaluation of MDA Programme in Calicut in 2008 Dr Vimala ,Priya Biju/Jayakrishnan, Rao/,Laila/Jayadev
2009 Prevalence & risk factors of Rheumatic  Musculoskeletal disorders in North Kerala –WHO COPCORD Project DrBinoy Paul, Asma,Thomas Bina

 Action Research Projects : 

  • Monitoring vector indices for aedes in Calicut district in relation to vector borne epidemics in Kerala.

Recent Thesis work 

2006 Prevalence of Coronary Heart Disease and selected risk factors in the population aged 30 and above in Calicut city in 2005 Dr Biju George  Guide- Dr Thomas Bina
2005 Prevalence of Type 2 Diabetes among adult fisher folk in the coastal area of Calicut city in 2005 Dr Usha Karunakaran  Guide Dr VijayKumar
2004 Prevalence of chronic respiratory symptoms & pulmonary function status among urban population in Calicut in 2004 Dr Bindhu Vasudevan  Guide- Dr VijayKumarDr Thomas Bina
2004 Determinants of Bacillary persistence at first follow up of new smear positive TB patients in Kerala Dr Ravi Prasad Varma  Guide- Dr Vijay Kumar

                 UNDERGRADUATE PROJECTS – STS -ICMR  –  2007

              Title of project student Guide
Prevalence and risk factors for Hospital acquired infections  Adarsh Bhulani Dr.Asma.A
Risk factors for Poststreptococcal glomerulonephrirtis in children  Anu.R.I Dr. Sairu philip
Risk factors and prevalence of Obesity among school children  Hina Barami Dr. Lucy Rapheal
Risk factors of Diabetic foot among patients admitted in surgery ward  Elizabeth Tara ninan Dr. Bindhu vasudevan
Study on Postnatal depression among Pregnant mothers attending IMCH,Calicut  Sangeetha.K.P Dr. Thomas Bina

                                     STS – ICMR PROJECTS – 2008-2009

Title of study Student Guide
“Prevalence & Risk factors of obesity among medical students a case control study” Mr.Arun kumar.P Dr.Lucy Raphael
“Study of Risk factors of type 2 diabetes mellitus among women attending the diabetic clinic of a tertiary hospital” Ms.Sanaa Mohammed Dr.Thomas Bina
A Study on profile of attempted suicide cases in Medical College Hospital, Calicut” Ms.Aparna Muraleedharan Dr.Vimala C
Associate Prof
“Clinico epidemiological study on intentional poisoining reported at Calicut Medical College Hospital” Mr.Anantha Krishnan C Dr.Jayakrishnan T
Asst Prof
“A comparison of the nutritional status of preschool children attending anganwadis and pre-primary schools in a rural area of North Kerala” Mr.Romy Jose Thekkekara Dr.Asuma A
Assist Prof
“Study of factors related to metastasis from lung cancers” Mr. Ram Jeevan Dr.Priya Chandran
Asst Prof
“A study on the causes of Hospitalization in HIV infected individual attending a tertiary care centre” Ms. Rachna George Joseph Dr.Jayakrishnan T
Asst Prof
“A study of the prevalence of depression in adolescent students in the age group of 15-19 years in an Urban region of North Kerala” Mr. Nikhil Vinod P Dr.V.K. Jayadev
Sr Lecturer
“A study on epidemiology of road traffic accident in patients admitted in tertiary medical institution” Mr. Sanker S Dr.Lailabi M P
Sr Lecturere


PG Thesis Protocols

1. Prevalence, pattern and the factors associated with contraceptive use among currently married women in rural population of Kozhikode

District.  Dr Sruthi M Nambiar

2. Prevalence and factors associated with non adherence to medication among diabetes in a rural population in Kozhikode.

Dr. Jeslin Jacob

3. Assessment of performance of accredited social health care activities in delivering and maternal and child health care sciences in

Kozhikode district. , Dr. Ayishabi M P

4. Assessment of impact of pain and palliative care services under ISQIs in Kozhikode District.  Dr. Nirmal C

5. Prevalence of iodine deficiency among school children in coastal region of Kozhikode . Dr. Binsu Vijayan

6. Prevalence of anaemia and associated factors in adolescent school girls in a rural area in Kozhikode district.  Dr Lathika V R

7. Nutritional status of pre-school children attending anganwadis in Kunnamangalam block of Kozhikode district. Dr. S Nithiya

8. Biomedical waste management knowledge and practices among staff in primary health care institutions in Kozhikode district.

Dr. Sumayya P

9. Perceptions, attitudes and practices of menstrual hygiene among rural and urban high school girls in Kozhikode district.

Dr. Aswathy Raj  S V

10. Immunisation coverage under universal immunization programme in Kozhikode District – Dr. Sreedevi. C

11. Factors associated with adherence to highly active anti-retroviral therapy (HAART) in Kozhikode district

Dr. Suthanthira Kannan S

12. Prevalence and factors associated with morbidity among postmenopausal women in a rural area of Kozhikode district.

Dr. Shamin P R

13. Prevalence and factor associated with acute respiratory infections in children under five years in rural areas of Kozhikode district.

Dr. Dhilmon T L

14. Prevalence of aneamia and associated factors among pregnant women in rural Kozhikode. Dr. Meera S Nair