Department of Biochemistry



Aids Diagnosis & Control-1998
1. Historical Aspects

Dr.R.Rajan, Professor of Biochemistry,      Medical College, Calicut.

2. Immunology of Aids  Dr.D.M.Vasudevan, Professor&HOD,         Manipal Institute of Biological Science
3. Diagnosis and the present situation of  AIDS in Kerala Dr.Mabel Lego, Aids Surveillance Centre,     M.C. Trivandrum
4. Role of NGO’s in the control of AIDS     in Kasargode area Dr.S.R. Narahari, Consultant Dermatologist, Kasargod
5. Status of AIDS in Calicut Dr.Beena Philomina, Assistant Professor of Microbiology, M.C. Calicut
6. Social Aspects of AIDS Dr. Leelamoni, Professor of Community Medicine, M.C. Calicut
7. Aids Enzymes Dr.Geetha Damodaran, Lecturer, M.C.Calicut
Free Radicals in Health Diseases-1999
1. Free Radicals- Formation, Chemistry &    Mechanism of Action Dr.N.Jayanthi Bai, Professor of Biochemistry, ACME, Pariyaram
2. Pathological Aspects Dr.K.P.Aravindan, Asso.Prof of Pathology, M.C.Calicut
3. Diseases due to free radical toxicity Dr.Jacob Cherian, Professor & HOD, Medicine, M.C. Calicut
4. Evaluation of free radical toxicity Dr.K.Geetha Damodaran, Lecturer in Biochemistry, M.C.Calicut
5. Free Radicals in skin diseases Dr.Najeeba Riaz, Asso.Prof.of Dermatology, M.C.Calicut
6. Free Radicals & the eye Dr.Padmaja Krishnan, Asso.Prof of Opthallmology, M.C. Calicut
GENE CON-2000                                                           Workshop on “Recent Trends in laboratory medicine”
1. Recent Trends in Laboratory Medicine Dr.T.Vijayakumar, Sr.Research Officer,Central Research Laboratory, Dept of Mediciine, Medical College, Trivandrurm
2. HPLC, GLC, Electrophoresis, WESTERN BLOT, NCM ELISA (DIBA), PCR, AAS Indian Institute of Spices Research, Kozhikode
Application of molecular Genetics in clinical medicine- perspective for the next century
1. Genetic Engineering Dr.C.R.Soman, Former Prof.&HOD, in Nutrition, M.C.H, Trivandrum
2. D.N.A.Technologies in Medicine Dr.K.P.Aravindan, Asso.Prof. of Pathology, M.C.Calicut
3. Molecular Biology of Cancer Dr.K.Pavithran, Asst.Prof in Haematology, M.C.H., Trivandrum
4. Forensic Applications of DNA Typing Dr.M.R.Chandran, Prof.  & HOD, in Forensic medicine, M.C.Calicut
5. Genetics & Internal Medicine Dr.G.Ganapathy Rao, Medicine, M.C.Calicut.
6. Gene Therapy Dr.M.N.Rema, Prof in Pharmacology, M.C.Trivandrum
7. Molecular Genetics & Gene therapy for Human Gliomas Dr.P.Sanal Kumar, Prof.  & HOD, in Neuro Surgery, M.C.Calicut
8. Molecular Genetics-Challenges before the coming generation Dr.K.Parvathy, Asso.Prof. in Biochemistry, M.C.Calicut
Newer Trends in auto immune diseases- 2001
1. Auto Immune Disease-Biochemical Aspects Dr.Sreekumari, Prof.,Biochemistry, Medical College, Trivandrum
2.  Auto Immune Disease – Immunological aspects Dr.C.K.Jayaram Panicker, Former Principal, M.C.Calicut
3.  Auto Immune Disease- Pediatric group Dr.C.M.Aboobacker, Former Professor, Pediatrics, M.C.Trivandrum
4. Medical Management of Auto Immune Diseases Dr.Joy Philip, Professor, M.C.Trivandrum.
5. Surgical Management of Auto Immune Diseases Dr.N.J.Mani- Former Professor, Dept. of Orthopedics, M.C.Calicut.
Cell Signaling -2005
1.  Key Note Address Dr. D.M. Vasudevan, Principal, Amrutha Institute of Medical Sciences
2. Signaling Cascades Dr. Annamma Mathew, Professor of Physiology, MOSC Medical College, Kolanchery
3. Protein Kinases and Phosphatases Dr. Sreekumari S .Professor of Biochemistry, Jubilee Mission Medical College, Thrissur
4. Diseases related to Signaling Dr. S.R.Chandra Professor of Neurology, Medical College, Thiruvananthapuram
5. Signaling – Newer trends in therapeutics Dr. Jillee Teressa, Professor of Pharmacology, Dr. Somervell Memorial CSI Medical College,  Karakonam
Alzheimer’s Disease on 12th August 2006
1.Key Note Address Dr.K.Parvathi
Professor of Biochemistry,
MES Medical College, Perinthalmanna
2.Physiology of Memory and Learning Dr.Vijayalakshmi
Professor of Physiology
Calicut Medical College
3.Physician’s Perspective Dr.P.K.Sasidharan
Professor of Medicine
Calicut Medical College
4.Therapeutic Aspects Dr.M.N.Rema
Professor of Pharmacology
Amala Medical College, Thrissur
5.Psyco Social Aspects   Dr.Suresh Kumar,Director, IMHANS, Calicut

On going research projects in the research include

Homocysteneamia-risk factor in ischemic stroke- Dr. Smitha K.S, Dr. P.K Sasidharan. Dr.P.P.Seetha

Iron status in chronic renal insufficincy Dr. Sindu P.S, Dr Sreelath , Dr. Getha.A

Prevalence of vaso occlusive crisis in sickle cell trait -Dr.Sajeevan.K.C Dr.Jayarajan Karumarakkal, Dr.Parvathy,K,

Comparative study of iron parameters in alcoholic and non alcoholic chronic liver diseases Dr.Sajeevan.K.C Dr.Jayarajan Karumarakkal, Dr.Parvathy,K, Dr.Vargheese Thomas

Comparative study of plasma homocysteine level in young smokers and non smokers- Dr.Fenny.K.P , Dr.Parvathy,K, Dr.P.P.Seetha

Study of efficacy in Vitamin E in reducing oxidative stress in early diabetic retinopathy – Dr.Nimi Bharathan,Dr.Smitha,V,K Dr.Parvathy,K, Dr. Padmaja Krishnan

Comparative study of plasma insulin and cortisol in normal and low birth weight adults- Dr.Shifa, Dr.Parvathy,K, Dr.Geetha,A

Comparison of Oxidative stress in multi and pauci bacillary leprosy Dr.Jyothi,Dr.Najeeba Riyaz Dr.Parvathy,K,

Oxidative stress in pre eclampsia and eclampsia etc Dr.Sindhu Dr.Parvathy,K,, Dr. Sreedevi

Metabolic disturbances in neonatal seizures Dr.Sudakaran, Dr.Vijayalaksmi, Dr.Krishnan Namboodiri ,Dr.Parvathy,K,

Risk factor assessment in stroke. Dr Anish Menon,Dr M A Raveendran, Dr Parvathi K

The following studies were conducted in our department in the last three years.

Evaluation of oxidative stress in multinodular goiter

Biochemical parameters for prediction of pre eclampsia

Tobacco smoking and oxidative stress.

Study of CVS risk factors among undergraduate medical students of Calicut

Medical College.

Incidence of G6PD deficiency as a cause of neonatal Unconjugated Hyperbilirubinaemia – Mr. Rajith k. Ravindran (IM.B.B.S.) , Dr. Geetha Damodaran K., Dr. k. Parvathi, Dr. C.K.Sasidharan, Dr. K.P.Aravindan.

Incidence of beta Thalassemia Major in transfusion dependent Haemolytic anaemia – Mr. Savit B. Prabhu (IM.B.B.S.), Dr. Geetha Damodaran K.,Dr. P.M. kutty, Dr. Parvathi K.

Oxidative stress in haemodialysis – Mr. Devarajan ( I M.B.B.S), Dr. Geetha Damodaran K., Dr. Parvathi K, Dr, Ramdas Pisharody

Ferrokinetic studies in anaemia of chronic Kidney Disease- A Pilot study – Mr. Abid Iqbal ( I M.B.B.S), Dr, Geetha Damodaran K., Dr. Sreelatha M.,Dr. Parvathi K., Dr. Ramdas Pisharody