What is Psychiatry

Psychiatry is a field of Medicine which deals with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental, emotional and behavioural disorders. It is concerned with the disorders of a person’s mental life and behaviour. It integrates biological, social and psychological aspects of mental health to provide holistic medical care for a wide range of symptoms. It is increasingly clear in today’s world that disorders of mental health are becoming more significant and represent significant personal and social costs to the community. There is a disturbing increase in the number of persons with mental health problems in the community. Psychiatry has rapidly grown to a major medical speciality. It has made rapid strides to become one of the most researched scientific branch of Medicine and have become available to a large number of people. The department has liaison with various clinical departments in the hospital including General Medicine, Neurology, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Surgery and Child Health. In the future the field of mental health will be one of the most exciting area of great interest and rapid growth.

About us

The department of psychiatry had a humble beginning at Medical College Hospital towards the end of 1960’s. In the initial years of its existence only OP services were there. In the early 1980s a few male beds and later a female ward with 17 beds were allotted to the department. In the later part of 1990s the department started 3 speciality clinics (Deaddiction, suicide prevention, child and Adolescent mental health clinics) and these clinics are effectively functioning with its various activities. A major milestone of development was witnessed in 2001 May when the new male ward with 12 beds and a Deaddiction Ward with 18 Beds were opened to the public. With the expansion of facilities, the utility by public also have increased. In recent years increasing number of patients are availing the various facilities of the Department.



1 Dr.N.Prabhakaran
2 Dr.N.Vijayan
3 Dr.S.Santhakumar
4 Dr.Jacob M.Innah
5 Dr.James T.Antony
6 Dr.Kunjichacko M.Jacob
7 Dr.N.Krishnankutty
8 Dr.K.A.Kumar
9 Dr.D.Sreekumar
10 Dr.A.M.Kunhikoyamu
11 Dr.C.Geetha
12 Dr.K.S.Prabhavathy