Plastic Surgery is a specialized branch of surgery concerned with the repair of deformities & the correction of functional deficits. This superspeciality gains its name from the Greek word “Plastikos” meaning- “fit for moulding”.Plastic surgery boasts of true origins in India so that Susruta, the great sage of 600 BC is regarded as the father of Plastic surgery. From India, it has spread to the rest of the world & now has gained considerable popularity, especially in the West. The specialty is enjoying a renaissance period in India with more than a hundred renowned Plastic & Microsurgical centres all over the country.

Our Dept. of Plastic Surgery was started in Calicut Medical College on 6.8.1968 through the wholehearted efforts of the renowned Dr. P. K. Appukuttan. Initially a part of General Surgery, the dept. gained independent status from 17.8.1980 onwards. The dept expanded further over the past four decades into a 48 bedded establishment with spacious corridors, staff rooms, seminar & computer rooms, nursing station, single rooms, general wards, sterile & unsterile dressing areas, minor theatre, lounge, bath & dining areas for patients. Sepsis being the worst enemy of good surgical healing, our efforts have always been to enforce a high standard of hygiene in the premises of our ward.25.
The dept. continues to maintain a high standard in academic sessions as well as in surgical results .Microvascular surgery, which was available only in a few sophisticated centres in Kerala, has been started in this dept. since 2004. It is one of the very few Government hospitals that can boast of micro vascular facility, bringing it down to the common man’s reach.

The department was started on 6-8-1968 as a part of General Surgery Department.



1 Dr.P.K.Appukuttan 1968-71
2 Dr.N.R.Lilly 1971-74
3 Dr.P.K.Appukuttan 1975-2000
4 Dr.Benoy Varghese 1990-96
5 Dr.Padmakumar 1996-2002
6 Dr.Saramma Varghese 2002-06
7 Dr.S.Jagadeesh 2006
8 Dr.Komalarani