Sl.No. Name
1 Mr.Abdullah
2 Mrs.Annakutty
3 Mr.Sankaran
4 Mr.Balachandran Nair
5 Mr.Andrew John
6 Mrs.Saramma
7 Mr.Balakrishnan Nair
8 Mr.Surendran
9 Mr.Gopinathan
10 Dr.Sabu P.Samuel



Dr.Sabu P.Samuel
Selection Grade Lecturer
Punnapuzha (H)
Manikulathu Paramba
Pin – 673 636
Mob: 9446300694



1) Campus Fitness Centre

More than 700 students and staff have already registered in the Campus Fitness Centre. Every day around 80 students and staff make use of the Fitness Centre from 6. am to 8 pm. Considering the importance of Physical Fitness and health, We give a proposal (worth of Rs.7,50000) to the Director of Medical Education for getting standard scientific equipments for the uplift of the Campus Fitness Centre for the smooth functioning of Campus Fitness Centre. Students and Staff Committee has been formed.

2) Intra-Mural Competitions

In the Intra- mural games Competitions held during 2010-11 altogether & groups which included M.B.B.S (5) batches P.G students. House surgeons paramedical students and Nursing students.

Basket ball, Volley ball, Football, Cricket, Tennis Cricket, Shuttle badminton, Lawn tennis, Table tennis, Chess and Carroms etc, intra mural games were organized. 50th batch won the over all Championship. About 500 students (both men and women) took part in the above competitions.

3) Adventure Sports

Training was conducted in parasciling and paragliding during this academic year. Altogether 860 students registered in this college adventurous sports club. This year 250 boys and girls are participated in the different programmes organized by adventurous club.

4) Constructions
In connection with next National games to be held in Kerala. The work of the Construction of synthetic track, sports pavilion and foot ball turf field with International standards progressing. We had submitted additional proposal to the authorities of national games for the Renovations of guest house. Sports pavilion, old concreate gallery, car parking area, effective drainage system, the space utilization Eastern side of proposed stadium flood lit arrangement, and widening the roads towards the system.

5) Extra-Mural Competitions

(a) Kozhikode District Lawn Tennis League tournament
We bagged 3rd place in the Kozhikode District Lawn Tennis League tournament held at National Institute of Technology Chathamangalam on 2nd 3rd and 4th of April 2010

(b) All India Inter Medicos Cricket tournament
We are defeated in the semi finals against Manipal, Kasturba Medical College. In the All India inter medicos cricket tournament held at Kasturba Medical College from 21st of April to 26th April 2010.

(c) Kozhikode District Football league tournament
District Football league tournament altogether 82 teams participated in four divisions our team played in the ‘C’divisions and won seren matches and we came out as ‘C’ divisions winner and were promoted in the ‘B’ divisions during the 2010. Fiyas our member of team, selected as the best player in this tournament.

(d)Calicut University A zone shuttle Badminton tournament
In the Calicut University A zone Shuttle Badminton tournament, held at Farook College on 25th and 26th of July 2010 We defeated, W.M.O College, M.A.M.O College Mukkam College, Chelannur College, Malabar Christian College, St, Joseph College, Devagiri, Govt.College, Madappally and lost in the finals against Farook College and we secured second place in this tournament, and we qualified in the Inter zone tournament held at St. Thomas College Trissur.

(e) Calicut University A Zone Football tournament
In the Calicut University A zone Football tournament, held at Farook College from 5th of April 2010 0nwards and we defeated three colleges but due to the death of one student of our college, we could not continue the next qualified matches.

(f) Kozhikode District Table Tennis league tournament
In the Table Tennis District league tournament held at Desaposhini club calicut on 1st December we lost in the quarter final matches.

(g)Calicut University Table Tennis
In the Calicut University Single zone Table Tennis Tournament held at Vidhya Engineering College Thrissur on 8th and 9th of September 2010. We lost in the Semi final match against St. Thomas College Thrissur and the women team lost against Mercy College, Palakkad.

(h)Calicut University A zone Cricket tournament
In the Calicut University A zone Cricket tournament held at St. Joseph College Devagiri, We defeated Govt.College Madappally, Govt College Perambra, Zamorins Guruvayorappan College, M.A.M.O College, Mukkam College and we entered in the semifinals

(i)Kozhikode District Basket ball league tournament
In the Kozhikode District Basket ball league tournament held at Manachira Maidan, we defeated three teams and we entered in the super league matches and we lost.

(j)Calicut University A zone Basket ball tournament
In the Calicut University A zone Basket ball inter collegiate tournament held at Govt. College of Physical Education East hill on 28th and 29th of October 2010, we defeated, St Joseph college, Devagiri, Zamorians Guruvayorappan college, K.M.C.T Engineering college, Govt. Arts and Science College, Meenchanda and entered in the final match against Physical Education College. Secured second place and got qualified to Calicut University Inter zone tournament, held at Kerala Varma College, Thrissur. Sri Geo Bosco member of our College team selected in the Calicut University team.

(k)Kozhikode District Volley ball youth tournament
Our newly registered Volley ball team participated in the District league youth basket ball tournament held at Chelannur College on 12th December 2010.

(l)Calicut University Lawn Tennis Tournament
In the Calicut University single zone Lawn Tennis Tournament held at Calicut University on 3rd , 4th and 5th February 2011, We defeated seven Colleges and in the final round we lost against St. Thomas College Thrissur and Secured second place. Two players named Sri. Azeem and Muneer were St. selected for the calicut University team during the year 2010-11.

(m)All Kerala Inter Medicos Basket ball tournament
In the All Kerala Inter Medicos Basket ball tournament held at Amala College Thrissur on 3rd and 4th of February 2011, we defeated, Govt College Thrissur, Govt College Kottayam M.E.S College, Perinthalamanna, Pushpagiri Medical College Tiruvalla, Govt College Alappuzha and entered final against Amritha Medical College Ernakulam, secured second place.
(n) Kozhikode University A zone Volley ball tournament
Calicut University A zone Volley ball tournament held at M.A.M.O College Mukkam on 17th and 18th December 2010, We defeated three teams and entered in the Quarter finals.
(o) All India Inter Medicos Volley ball tournament
All India Inter Medicos Volley ball tournament held at K.S. Hegde Medical Academy Manglore from 10th of March to 12th of March 2003. We defeated four teams and entered in the semi finals.

6) District league Registration
During the year 2010-11, in the Kozhikode District league competitions, our institutions affiliated the following Associations-Football(KDFA), Cricket(KDCA) Volleyball(KDVA) Basketball(KDBA) Hockey(KDHA)Badminton(KDBA) Table Tennis(KDTTA) Athletics (KDAA).

7) Non liability Certificate

Since issuance of Non liability certificate is made compulsory from 2009-10 onwards many students retired the sports and games items they had taken. Still certain students haven’t returned the articles. It is noted that the name of the department to whom items have to be returned ,is not mentioned in the form. Hence as per the Athletic fund rules the items which have to returned as per rules are placed for auction(KFC Forms)
8 )New Proposal from D. P.E
Proposals were already forwarded for the installation of
(1) Computer and Inter Net facility
(2) Construction of Playground, utilizing the area in between 1st and 2nd Ladies hostel-(Basket ball, Volley ball, Throw ball, Shuttle Badminton)
(3)Extension of Existing gallery in between IVth block and 2nd block of Men’s hostels
(4) Provision of a hall on the top floor of the Non teaching staff recreation, for playing Table Tennis Chess and Carroms
(5) Filling up the existing vacancies of sports boy and marker.
(6) Additional proposal, in connection with National games.

(1) Our College team qualified from A zone Inter Collegiate Competition to Inter zone Competitions during this academic year (two games-1.Shuttle Badminton.2.Basket ball)
(2) Three students were selected in the Calicut University team to the participation of All India Inter university Competitions
1.Geo Bosco- Basket ball
2. Azeem -Lawn Tennis
3.Muneer -Lawn Tennis
Compared to previous years this year most of the teams performed well in District league, Inter collegiate, University and inter medicos competitions.