List of Publications in the last 3 years

1.  A Riyaz : Approach to HBsAg positive child  –   IJPP Nov. 2009

2.  A Riyaz, Najeeba Riyaz : Omenn syndrome   – Indian J Ped Dermatol 2009

4.  Mohandas Nair : Case report – Fanconi-Bickel Syndrome – Indian Journal of Pediatrics, Feb. 2011

5.  Krishnakumar P, Geeta M.G, Riyaz A: Deliberate self harm in children – Indian Pediatrics Aug. 2010

6  Geeta M.G, Geetha P, Ajith kumar V.T, Krishnakumar P, et al: Management of Pain in leukemic children using the WHO analgesic ladder. – Indian Journal of Pediatrics, Jan. 2010

7. Geeta M.G., Krishnakumar. P, Rajasree K.C, Ashraf T.P, Kumar K.S, Riyaz  A: Effectiveness of communication skill training on perception and practice of  pediatric resident

8. Jayakrishnan M.P, Veny J, Feroz M : Rickettsial infection with haemophagocytosis   – Trop Doct  Dec. 2010

9. Jayakrishnan M.P, Krishnakumar P : Clinical profile  of acute disseminated encephalomyelitis in children – J Pediatr Neuro Science  July 2010

10. Jayakrishnan M.P : Poisonous plants : Beware of  wolves with sheep skin – Pediatric companion Nov. 2010

11. Najeeba Riyaz, Riyaz A, Aravindan K.P: Cutaneous manifestations of chikun gunya epidemic in North Kerala – Indian Journal of Dermatology, Venerology and Leprology  2010

Books published:

1.  Review pediatrics  frequently asked questions in Pediatrics 2011 – Riyaz A

2. Contributed chapters to

a) IAP Text book of Pediatrics

b) IAP Text book of Pediatric  Gastroenterology – Riyaz A

3. Three articles in clinical practice guidelines  on Diagnosis and Management of Type I Diabetes by ISPAE : Vijayakumar M

4. Editor – Pediatric Companion  (Journal of Kerala chapter of IAP) 2009 & 2010 Jayakrishnan M.P


Research work:

1. A study on prevalence of child abuse and awareness about the nature and consequents of child abuse among adolescents : Dr. Satheesan

Guide    : Dr. P. Krishnakumar , Co-guide     : Dr. Jayakrishnan M.P

2. Transcutaneous bilirubinometry Vs.  bilirubin estimation in screening of neonates with clinical jaundice Dr. Dhanya Jayaraj

Guide  : Dr. Balraj G, Co-guide:  Dr. Sabitha S

3. Metabolic abnormalities in children receiving ART  : Dr. Shabeer M.P

Guide  : Dr. Jayakrishnan M.P, Co-guide : Dr. Geeta M.G

4. A study of cognitive function and neurological manifestations in children with  HIV infection   : Dr. Ambili

 Guide   : Dr. Geeta M.G, Co-guide : Dr. P. Krishnakumar

5. A Study on risk factors of HBV infection in leukemia children : Dr. Aslam P.K

Guide   : Dr. A. Riyaz, Co-guide:Dr. Ajith kumar V.T

6. Correlation study of sepsis screen and blood culture in evaluation of neonatal sepsis      : Dr. Abdussamad

Guide : Dr. Cherian N.C., Co-guide: Dr. Vinod kumar

7  A study on the effects of Kangaroo mother care on preterm infants at NICU, IMCH, Calicut.    : Dr. Manjusha

Guide   : Dr. Ashraf T.P, Co-guide: Dr. Behju Balan

8.Effect of inhaled corticosteroids on growth in persistent childhood asthma : Dr. Mithun Vasudevan

Guide: Dr. Subbaraman, Co-guide: Dr. Kasim Resivi

9.Life style modifications in exogenous child hood obesity: Dr. Padma kumar

Guide: Dr. Narayana Das, Co-guide: Dr. Vijayakumar

10.Temperature instability an early master  of early onset sepsis in term neonates: Dr. Vidhya M

Guide: Dr. Balraj G, Co-guide: Dr. Vinod kumar

11.Mucocutaneous manifestations of pediatric HIV infection  : Dr. Bijina K.D

Guide: Dr. Geeta M.G

12.Neuropsychiatric outcome of encephalitis in children  : Dr. Sareena

Guide : Geeta M.G

13.Cognitive function and psychological problems in children with sickle cell anemia : Dr. Gauthamen R

Guide  : Dr. Riyaz

14. Prognostic clinical variables in childhood tuberculous meningitis: Dr. Sunitha Nandan

Guide  : Dr. Cherian N.C

15. Vitamin D deficiency in children with asthma      : Dr. Rajalakshmi Iyer

Guide  : Dr. K.R. Subbaraman

16.  Clinical profile and juvenile arthritis damage index (JADI) in children with juvenile idiopathic arthritis   : Dr. Nisha Menon

Guide  : Dr. P. Geetha

17. Postmortem analysis of anomalous fetuses and comparing it with the prenatal USG findings         : Dr. Jithin T.K

Guide  : Dr. Mohandas Nair

18. Evaluation of 2010 consensus criteria for diagnosing TB Meningitis : Dr. Susha

Guide  : Dr. A.V. Gopalan

19. Complications in babies    born through meconium stained amniotic fluid : Dr. Suma Elcy Varghese

Guide  : Dr. Vinod kumar M.S

20. Clinical profile  of febrile neutropenia in leukemia children  admitted to pediatric Wards during Jan 2011 to Dec. 2011 : Dr. Soumya P.C


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