Academic Activities

Courses offered in the Department

DM Gastroenterology- 4 seats per year
Ph D- 3 seats per year
DET-Diploma in Endoscopic Technology- 4 seats per year

Academic Schedule

8am-9am 2pm-3pm
Monday DM Topic discussion MD PG topic discussion GE II
Tuesday DM Topic discussion DET class
Wednesday DM Case discussion DET class Telemedicine Case discussion
With Trivandrum MCH,Gastro
On first and third week
Thursday DM Topic discussion 1st and 3rd week

Telemedicine Case discussion
With AIMS,Cochin,Gastro
-second week

Surgical Gastro discussion on 4th week
DET class MD PG topic discussion-GE I
Friday DM Topic discussion
Saturday Mortality Review Meeting- first Saturday

DM Journal discussion
( 3rd and 4th week)/

Research Review