Out Patient Clinic

Room No.


Preventive Clinic 60 All days
Biopsy OT 61 All days
Local OP 62 All days
General Surgery 63 All days
Surgical Gastroenterology 64 Wednesday
General Medicine 65 All days
Radiotherapy 67 All days
Psychiatry 68 All days
Gastroenterology 69 Monday,Friday
Dermatology & Venereology 70 All days
ENT 71 All days
Orthopaedics 78 All days
Ophthalmology 80 All days
Plastic Surgery 82 Tuesday,Friday



Special Clinic Room No. Day & Time
Pain & Palliative(Psycho-Oncology) Pain Clinic Tuesday
Psychiatry Deaddiction Clinic 68 Monday  (8 -11)
Child and Adolescent Guidance Clinic 68 Saturday  (8-11)
Suicide Prevention Clinic 68 Thursday (8-11)
Gastroenterology Liver Clinic 69 Wednesday G-I(8-11)Tuesday G-II (8-11)
Piles & Colo- proctology Clinic 69 Thursday (11-12)
Dermatology STD Clinic 70 All days (8-11)
ENT Audiology & Speech Pathology 72 All days
General Medicine Rheumatol- ogy 73 Tuesday
Diabetes & Diabetic Foot Clinics 73 Wednesday(11-12.30)
Endocrinology 73 Thursday (11-12)
Haematology & Oncology 73 Saturday



Facilities available:

Tele Teaching

Tele CME

Tele consultation

Tele quiz programmes

Connectivity to operation theatre no. 3 MCH

Connectivity to community medicine lecture hall

Video recording of teaching programmes

Connectivity to medical colleges, district head quarters hospitals, SCTIMST, Regional cancer center, CHC Attapadi

Connectivity to all major institutions outside Kerala under the ISRO Telemedicine net work

Connectivity to different hospitals in Wayanad dist through Village resource extension centers

Connectivity to different hospitals in the Malappuram district through e-Akshaya extension programme (CDAC)

Telemedicine  Unit   provide   tele-consultation   service   and tele-teaching  facilities.  The connectivity  is  already  extended  to the Community Medicine lecture hall. We hope to extend the connectivity to other lecture halls in the college as well as to other institutions in the campus. We are awaiting arrival of the out board van   with   satellite   connectivity   to  relay   programmes conducted even  outside  the  institution.  Soon  we  will  be  able  to  provide  under  graduate teaching  facilities  through  the telemedicine  network.