The Department of Nephrology is actively involved in clinical research. The post graduate trainees  and faculty members conduct studies and publish their work in national and International conferences.   

Ongoing and proposed Projects:

  1. Study on Histopathology of diabetic Nephropathy patients.

  2. The study about clinical profile of Renal rickets patients

  3. The comparative study of cyclosporine and tacrolimus in post transplant patients.

  4. MMF Vs NIH protocol in SLE patients.

  5. Histopathological and clinical profile of  diffuse proliferative   Glomerulonephritis patients.

  6. Role of Renine inhibits Aliskerin for complete RAS blockade in patients with steroid resistant  nephrotic syndrome.

  7. Use of cinacalcet to prevent secondary hyperparathyroidism.

  8. comparison between  s cystatin c with other methods of QFR measurement s creatinine eat e QFR by MDRD cockroft and Gault formula

  9. Comparison of quality of life between patient’s MHD Vs CAPD

  10. Cost factor analysis for  patients’s MHD in Govt. MCH   Calicut Vs private institutions.

  11. Effect of non-surgical periodontal Therapy in patients with idiopathic edema.