Clinical Activities :
OP Day                           Monday, Thursday & SaturdayTransplant OP Day           Tuesday, Wednesday & FridayRenal Transplantation       Every Tuesday

 Total 450 OP Patients per Week

Procedures routinely undertaken:
Renal Biopsies                              10 Biopsies per weekJugular Venous catheterization        per weekFemoral catheterization                  5-10 per weekPerm cath insertion                       1-2 per weekAcute PD catheter                         5-7 per week.

CAPD catheter placement               2-3 per week.

Dialysis programmes:
  1. Dialysis for Acute renal failure patients and patients awaiting transplantation. Dialysis at free of cost-200 dialysis per week

  2. Maintenance hemodialysis programme under hospital development society on payment -60 dialysis per week.

  3. CAPD patients-At present 35 patients on regular CAPD

  4. Hemodiafiltration (CVVHD, CVVHDF) for acute poisoning and terminally ill patients due to leptospirosis, sepsis, postoperative ill patients in medical and surgical ICU’s.

  5. Renal Transplantation (both for children and adults)-live related Renal Transplantation (first degree relatives and spouse)

About 30 patients are waiting for Renal Transplantation at present. Survival rate is comparable to western status. About500 transplantation were done so far.