C1/7346/2017/MCC   Office of  the Govt. Medical College, Kozhikode – 8, dated. 12/06/17




Sub: Govt. MCC – Academic – Remittance of tuition fee and Misc fee (super specialty  P.G ) reg;


All the super specialty PG students are directed to remit their tuition fee and miscellaneous fee for the year 2017-2018 on or before 19-07-2017 and produce the original receipt to C1 section.

Super specialty PG Degree 2015 Admission:

Tuition fee 70,000
Misc. fee 10,000
Total 80,000

Super specialty PG Degree 2016 Admission:

Tuition fee 1,00000
Misc. fee    10000
Total 1,10000



                                                                                                                Vice Principal