A. General Rules

The Librarian is in charge of all books in the Library and will be responsible to the Principal for their safety and maintenance in good condition. All books and journals received for the library will be entered in the stock register immediately under the appropriate section and shown to the officer in charge of Library.

The Library will be under the control of one of the members of the committee of management nominated by the Principal as the Officer in charge of the Library. In addition a three member committee will look into the day to day affairs of the library.

The selection of books for each department will be made by the Head of the Department periodically and the list sent to the officer in charge who will arrange the purchase according to availability of funds.

The library will be open from 10.00 am to 9.00pm on all working days and from 10am to 5pm on holidays and during vacation. The library will remain closed on the following holidays – Republic day, Easter, Vishu, Idul Fitur (Ramzan), May day, Bakrid, Independence Day, Onam (4 days), Gandhi Jayanthi, Mahanavami and Christmas.

The library is open to the students and members of the teaching staff of the college and to the medical officers of the hospital attached to the College.

Students are allowed to use the library as reference library only and they   are   not   allowed to take away any book out of the library room.

All books are to be used with care. Students should not bring their own text books into the Library. They should write their names and time of entrance and departure from the library in the register kept at the entrance.

The members to whom the book is issued is fully responsible for the book and any damage caused will be made good by him.

Date labels, book pocket etc. pasted inside the book should not be tampered with. No member shall write upon and damage or make any mark on any book belonging to the library.

Bags and brief cases are not allowed inside the library.

B. Atmosphere of study

Silence to be strictly observed in the library. Readers in the library are prohibited from engaging in conversation, misusing furniture or conducting themselves in any manner calculated to disturb or distract the attention of others using the library.

Persons making use of the library shall observe the regulations concerning the dress and general rules of good behaviour as set forth in the college calendar.

Readers in the library are forbidden from stretching their legs on the table.

Smoking is forbidden in the library.

Failure to observe the above rules or part of rules will be reported to the Principal by the Librarian.

C. Loan of Books

Any member of the teaching staff is entitled to take one book at a time and will be permitted to retain it for a period not      exceeding 15 days. A fine of 10 paise per day will be levied  beyond that period. The fine has to be paid in the college office and the receipt produced in the library. The loan of book can be renewed provided there is no demand for it from the other members. Books taken from the library should not be sublet. The time of issue of books will be from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm.

If any book issued to the member is lost, the cost for replacement of the book will be realized from him. If the book cannot be replaced, the committee will decide the compensation to be paid. Books on loan with the members can be recalled by the library at any time.

Manuscripts, reference books, and damaged books are not issued on loan. These can be consulted inside the library only. Loose issue of periodicals will not be taken on loan by members of the teaching staff and post graduate students.

A list of new books bought for the library will be put up on the library notice board. Such books will be released for loan after 15 days from the date of putting up the list. Till such date they will be treated as books in the reserved sequence / category.

Outsiders will be permitted to use the library with the permission of the officer in charge of library.

D. Complaints and Suggestions

All suggestions and complaints by the staff and students should be properly recorded in separate books maintained for that purpose in the library and staff common room. At the end of every academic year all the books in the library will be checked by a responsible officer nominated by the Principal and his report will be submitted to the Principal.

E. Department Library

The head of each Department is allowed to keep a Department Library consisting of not more than 300 books by selecting the necessary books required for each department from the General Library, provided duplicate copies of those books are available or if they are of interest only to that department.



Dr. V. P. Sasidharan, Principal Chairman


Dr.Prathap Somnath, Vice Principal Vice Chairman


Dr.Jean Maliekkal, Officer i/c of LibraryProfessor of Physiology Member


Dr.P.K.Sasidharan, Professor of Medicine ” ”


Dr.Sreelatha.M, Professor of Nephrology ” ”


Dr.Arivu Selvan, Professor of Anatomy ” ”
7 Dr.M.P.Sreejayan, Associate Professor of Surgery ” ”
8 Mr.Kader Punnappilakil,Chief Librarian ” ”


1 Sri.Sathyanathan.T.K Chief  Librarian[Gr.I]
2 Smt.Jameela.P.P Librarian Gr.IV
3 Sri.Jamal Mohemmed Abdul Nasar.N Librarian Gr.IV
4 Faisal Marakkar.M.P Librarian Gr.IV
5 Sri.Vijayan.K Librarian Gr.IV
6 Sri.Saidalavi.V Librarian Gr.IV
7 Smt.Rekha.G Librarian Gr.IV