Disciplinary Conduct

This Code of Conduct, as amended from time to time, is applicable to all medical students. A Student committing any breach of discipline as specified below will render himself / herself liable for disciplinary action :-

(a) Found indulging in ragging of juniors.

(b) Absence from lectures/clinics/practical/training programmes without any valid reason/permission.

(c) Absence from hostel, without leave/permission.

(d) Overstay of sanctioned leave/vacation.

(e) Absence from university exam without any valid reason like sickness/hospitalization etc.

(f) Prolonged absence from college without permission from college.

(g) Absence from college exams without valid reason.

(h) Using unfair means in tests/examinations/practicals.

(i) Absence from other place/activity officially requiring the presence of the students.

(j) Improper turnout such as wearing unauthorized items, not shaving, improper haircut etc.

(k) Moral turpitude or misbehavior and misconduct of any kind with associates, staff, patients and outsiders.

(l) Use of criminal force to fellow students.

(m) Neglect of studies and unsatisfactory progress in academics.

(n) Disobedience of orders and insubordination to staff.

(o) Loss/damage to govt. property. Identity card is deemed to be Govt property.

(p) Drug abuse, i.e. possession/consumption of wines, spirits or any habit forming drugs.

(q) Violation of standing orders or any other orders of Principal.

(r) Eve teasing of colleagues/creating nuisance in the class or during organized functions.

(s) Failing to pay respects to seniors.

(t) Unauthorized communication/association with foreign nationals, press, civil organization/bodies, undesirable persons and political parties in India and abroad.

(u) Keeping unauthorized occupants including friends and relatives in the hostel.

(v) Entry into areas so declared Out of Bounds by college authorities.

(w) Failure to report unusual occurrence.

(x) Collection of funds for any purpose, unless authorized by college authorities.

(y) Refusal to accept any duty allotted by any superior or senior staff.

(z) Joint action by medical students e.g. agitation strike etc.

(a1) Grouping under the banner of religious or political outfits should be avoided. Nobody should try to force their belief or habits on other students.

(a2) Complaint/any adverse report of breach of discipline or an act contrary to good orderly conduct received from officer or other unit/agency.

(a3) Negligence or an act of omission or commission in the duties of students appointments.

(a4) Failure to pay college/mess dues by stipulated time.

(a5) Unbecoming conduct on the part of a student of the college.

(a6) Any other breach of discipline not mentioned above but contrary to any provision of the Code of Conduct, Dean’s weekly order or Notices/Instructions issued from to time.

Penalties and Punishments

The competent authorities to award penalties/punishments  will be as approved by Dean.

Removal from College Rolls

A student will be removed from the rolls of the College by the appropriate authority on the grounds of :-

(a) Unsatisfactory disciplinary conduct.

(b) Unsatisfactory progress during training.

(c) Absence from college and /or failure to appear in University examinations

Suspension from College

A student may be suspended for a term or more on academic grounds as decided by the academic committee of the college. A student may be suspended for a term or more by the college authorities on disciplinary or administrative reasons.

On suspension or being struck off college rolls the student will vacate the hostel within 48 hours and proceed directly to the place of residence of his parent (s) or his legal guardian if parents are not alive. The college has no liability, whatsoever, if the cadet proceeds elsewhere.


Fine of Rs 250 can be imposed on minor offenses by the Asst Warden or Head of Deparmentt. A fine of up to Rs 1000 will be imposed by the Principal.

Publication of Punishment and Penalties

Major/Serious punishments and penalties will be published in the College notice board.


All students will study this code of conduct rules and acknowledge it in writing and submit the undertaking to the Principal as per format below.




I ………………………………………(name of student)………son of / daughter of Shri……………………………. hereby state that I have read and understood the Code of Conduct for Students of Govt. Medical College, Kozhikode. I promise to follow it in letter and spirit. In case of any breach of rules I am liable to disciplinary action as per rules.


Date:                                                                                                                                              (Signature of Student)

Name of Student……………… Roll No……………………….. MBBS Term……………………