1. Attendance shall be taken before each lecture, practical class or clinics in the hospital wards.

2. The students are expected to stand up and wish the teachers as he/she enters the class.

3. Students are expected to assemble in the classroom 5 minutes before the appointed hour when the roll shall be called and absence of any student noted. All students should stand up and those coming into the class room after roll call may be refused admission or deprived of attendance. A student who disturbs the class in any manner or does not keep discipline may be expelled from the class by the teacher. A student so expelled shall be deemed to be absent without leave. Should this punishment be deemed insufficient, a report shall be made to the principal.

4. Students are not permitted to remain in the lecture rooms except during the hours of instruction.

Books and Apparatus

Every student shall provide himself/herself with the prescribed text books, instruments etc.

Every student to whom books or other property like glasswares of Government are issued shall be held responsible for their preservation in good condition and in the event of their being lost or damaged shall be required to replace them or de- fray their cost.


Students are forbidden to address directly the higher authorities or Government. Direct communications intended for any higher authority must be submitted through the principal who will for- ward them if he/she considers it desirable. Students desirous of addressing the principal by letter must do so separately.


Students  should  reach  the  examination  hall  half- an-hour before the examination and will not be permitted inside if late by more than 30 minutes.They should not talk to each other or make unnecessary noise in the examination hall. They are not permitted to bring books, papers or mobile phones inside the hall. If found to be guilty in any of these, he/she will be expelled from the examination hall and appropriate disciplinary action will be taken as per college and university regulations.

Forgery and Cheating

Any student who is found guilty of using unfair means – cheating or endeavoring to cheat by taking unauthorized books, pamphlets or papers, mobile phone, voice receiver, voice recorder, etc into the examination hall or trying to gain information from fellow students while in the examination hall will render himself/ herself liable to be suspended from the institution. Any form of cheating/forging/stating falsehood in any activity while at the institution will be severely dealt with.


White Apron/overcoat with Name Plate (identity card issued by the institution) will be worn by all students over dress     compulsorily while in College Complex. White Coats will only be worn during practical, dissections or ward work. At other times they will be neatly folded and carried. Stethoscopes during ward work will be carried in the clinical examination-set bag.

Dress Code for students will be as under:-


Shirt & Trouser (Pants) with Shoes


Salwar kameez or Saree and blouse. Jeans, T-Shirts, Skirts, Sleeveless dress, Sports shoes are not permitted.

Place of Duty

Place of duty will be any place where the medical stu- dents are required to be present for prescribed organized training/extracurricular functions and addresses by Principal/VIPs.

Prohibition of Ragging

Any form of ragging is strictly prohibited in this institution which includes abusing, harassing, ill-treating, manhandling, bullying or awarding undignified or unauthorized punishment to a student by any other student. Strict disciplinary action will be taken against any student indulging in ragging and he/she may be expelled from college.


Students will neither borrow nor lend money nor incur debts while undergoing training at the institution. No credit accounts will be maintained with canteens/cafeterias, shops or loan taken from any other student, shopkeepers or any other person. Dues to the college and students messes will be paid by the stipulated time, failing which a fine on daily basis may be charged.


Students are responsible for the safe custody of their personal belongings. While joining the college the students will not bring any items of jewellery, curios and other fancy or valuable items with them.

Any student who is found guilty of stealing or in possession of stolen private or public property will be liable to be with- drawn from the institution in addition to appropriate disciplinary/ legal action.


All forms of gambling are forbidden.


 Possession or consumption of any harmful and intoxicating drugs by students in any form is prohibited. All performance-enhancing drugs are also prohibited. Indulging in use of any such substances will result in disciplinary action which may include supension.


Students will not deface, mutilate or damage any building or property belonging to the College or individual or cut/up- root any plants or trees especially in the college or hostel premises.

Students will not cut or otherwise deface desks, tables, seats or any other furniture within the institution.

Liquor and Cigarettes

The college and hospital campuses are NO SMOKING ZONES. Students are forbidden to consume alcoholic beverages and smoke within the institution premises.

Wearing of Sun Glasses

Medical students are not permitted to wear sunglasses during classes, practicals, clinics and outdoor training or any other organized activity unless specifically advised to do so on medical grounds.

Mark of Respect/Compliments

The medical students will pay proper respects to staff members as per customs while meeting them/coming across them within and outside the College campus in uniform or otherwise.

Mode of Address

While addressing officers, medical students will use the word “Sir/Madam” and in a manner which will show proper respect.

Channel of Communication

A Student wishing to seek an interview with the Dean or desiring to refer a matter to higher authorities will do so through proper channel

Students should address all hostel related matters to the Asst. Warden first and then to the Principal.

For any personal problems of distressing and confidential nature the students may directly approach Tutor Guardians

Hair-Cut / Maintenance and Shaving Discipline

Medical students, both boys and girls, will ensure proper hair discipline.

Out of Bounds

The following places will be “Out of Bounds: for medical students :-

Girls Hostels for male medical students and male visitors.


Students should keep their hostel rooms tidy and clean. They should not deface or damage hostel buildings.


Students may receive visitors only during the timings given below. No single lady other than mother and sister will be allowed to meet a Student.

(a) Working day timings – 1630hrs to 1930hrs

(b) Sunday and Holiday – 1000hrs to 1930hrs

(a) Students are allowed to take their guests only to the Visitors

Room in the hostel.

Wireless Sets/Music System

Students are permitted to keep/use music system with output not more than 50W in their hostel  rooms.

(b) Guests are prohibited from attending college Socials unless otherwise permitted.


Medical students are not permitted to take up any type

of full time/part time employment or indulge in any kind of busi- ness during the course.


College union elections will be conducted as per Lingdho committee recommendations. Decision of the Principal and Returning officer will be final. Any activity to convene or win votes other than permitted will be punishable. Students are not permitted to be involved in violent activities in connection with the election.

Union Activities

All the functions and programmes conducted by the students will be under the leadership of elected union. No meetings, functions or co curricular activities will be permitted in the campus without the concurrence of College Union and staff advisor. Guests or Dignitaries invited to the campus for any functions will be de- cided by the Principal and College Committee of Management.

Study Tour

Study tour is permitted once during the course. It should be undertaken with the permission of the principal. The student should be accompanied by at least 2 faculty members out of which one will be an associate professor.

Student Health

Students falling sick and requiring medical attendance may seek the help of the Principal or any medical member of the teaching staff who will arrange for proper medical attention and treatment. At the time of admission there will be a medical check up and an individual card will be given. Whenever medical aid is required, the card has to be taken out and the medical officer will enter the details on this card.