Discipline is the foundation on which the institution functions. As students of the prestigious College, it is incumbent on all to develop self-discipline of the highest degree. It should, therefore be the endeavor of every medical student to observe all the rules and regulations as a matter of habit rather than because of fear of the consequences. Students will at all times, conduct them- selves with proper decorum and cultivate correct manners and etiquette.


Attendance at all organized academic and extracurricular activities is compulsory except for valid reasons like hospitalization/ sick at home/duly sanctioned leave. Leave application should be submitted before proceeding on leave. All students will ensure that they are punctual at their places of duty. For sitting in University Examination a student must have minimum of 80% attendance. Student absent with out proper leave application will undergo disciplinary action such as informing parents, suspending from classes and withholding promotion.

No certificate of attendance will be granted to any student unless he/she has shown satisfactory progress to the authorities responsible for granting the certificate and he/she has paid all the dues against him/her.


Every student must put in the required attendance in lectures, practical classes and hospital wards. It should be certified by Professor and Head of Department that the progress of each student is satisfactory and conduct is good.

Each student must have paid all demands against him.

Rules for  the Guidance and Conduct of candidates during  examinations

Class Examinations, written, practical and oral will be conducted regularly to assess the student’s progress. Since the marks obtained in these examinations will be taken into consideration in determining the results of the university examinations, the rule for the conduct of these examinations will be the same as for the University Examinations.

Candidates should take their place in the examination hall at least 30 minutes before the time scheduled. A candidate coming late by more than half an hour from the commencement of the examination shall not be admitted.

Before entering the examination hall, all books, notes and papers should be left outside. Candidates must provide themselves with pens, pencils and drawing materials. Answer books or paper will be supplied.

Candidates are required to maintain strict silence in the examination hall.

No candidate shall ordinarily be allowed to leave the examination room till the expiry of at least half an hour after the question paper has been given out and no candidate who leaves the room during the period allotted for a paper shall be allowed to return within the period. In case of urgent necessity a candidate may with the special permission of the superintendent, temporarily leave the examination room, but during his or her stay outside, he or she must be under the surveillance of a trustworthy person to be deputed by the Superintendent for that purpose.

Any candidate wishing to ask a question will rise from his or her seat and remain standing until the superintendent comes to him/ her, but he/she will on no account leave his/her seat or will he/she be allowed to make any noise to call the attention of the superintendent.

They are also prohibited from introducing into the examination room any book or portion of book, manuscript  or paper of any description.

Candidates are prohibited from communicating with or copying from each other and from communicating with any person outside the examination hall.

Any candidate detected violating these rules will be sent out of the room forthwith and the matter reported to the Principal. In the case of malpractice in the class examination by any student, he/she would be immediately sent out of the examination hall and dealt with as per University Examination Rules.

Candidates are not allowed to exceed the time assigned for the paper. The entrance of persons not connected with the examination into the examination hall is strictly forbidden. Candidates should not leave their seats without the permission of the superintendent before the conclusion of the examination.

Every candidate should write his or her register number legibly on the outer cover of his/her answer book. Any candidate found guilty of making any objectionable or improper remarks on his or her answer papers will be reported to the Principal for such action as may be deemed fit. However in the class examination, name and roll number of the student should be written.

Students who absent themselves from the class examination without leave will be considered to have sat for the examination and obtained zero mark. Absence due to illness or other inevitable reasons will be excused provided leave is applied for and granted by the Principal / Head of the Department.

In the case of students who are granted leave for absence from examinations the marks of these examinations will not be taken into account in calculating class average.

Students are expected to write only answers of questions on the answer book. They are prohibited from writing any other   matter failing which the paper will be considered as invalid.

NB:   Non   appearance   at   the   University   Examination   following   failure  in  the  class  examination  will  be  considered  as  failures  in  the  examination  as  contemplated  in  section  14  of  the  University  Ordinance.