1. The council of administration will have jurisdiction over the management of the college and the teaching hospital attached thereto.

2. The term of the Council of Administration will be for a period of two years from the date of constitution.

3. The first meeting will be convened within one month of the date of reconstitution. The Principal will be responsible for convening the meetings of the council and preparing and maintaining the records relating to the proceedings of the meetings. He will also take follow-up action in regard to the recommendation of the Council.

4. The council will be an executive council in character. All decisions on matters within the jurisdiction and power of the council shall be binding on the members. The chairman shall have a casting vote, if members are divided equally.

5. All matters of common interest to the college and the teaching hospitals attached thereto, will be brought before the Council by the Principal for discussion and decision. All resolutions submitted to him by the members of the council or any resolution initiated by him shall be brought before the council at the next earliest meeting for discussion and decision. The council may set aside any resolution or veto any recommendation passed by the committee of management or any action taken by the Superintendent, Medical College Hospital.

6. The budget of the institutions within the College Campus, shall be framed by the Council of Administration.

7. The Council is a high power body and its decision as approved by Government shall be final. The minutes of the meeting shall be submit- ted to Government within a week after the meeting. Any member disagreeing with the majority opinion may submit, if he thinks necessary, a dissenting note within 48 hours, which will be forwarded by the Principal along with the minutes of the meeting.

8. The Principal shall be Chief Executive Officer of the Council of the college and the teaching hospitals attached to the College.

9. In case it became necessary to take any emergent action, the Principal may do so and report the matter to the Council of Administration for approval and ratification at its next meeting.

10. All decisions of the College Committee of Management should be submitted for the approval of the Council of Administration.

11.All cases of serious misconduct on the part of the students involving loss of their certificates or their removal or expulsion from the college and all questions of promotion; term certificates and scholarships shall be dealt with by the Council.

12. The Principal will be in charge of the administration of the College.