Learning Resource Centre (LRC) at Central Library

Digital Library with a server computer and 23 terminals, 24 hour broad band internet connection with access to most of the medical text books and e-journals.


Chief Patron : Dr.V.P. Sasidhran, Principal

Chairman : Dr.Prathap Somnath, Vice Principal

Convener : Dr.Rajeevan K, Dept.of Pathology


Dr.Jean Maliekkal, Officer i/c of Library

Dr.Ramachandran.TM, Dept.of Gastroenterology :

Dr.Chandni R, Dept.of Medicine

Dr.Jayakrishnan.M.P, Dept.of Paediatrics

Dr.Beena Guhan, Dept.of Gynaecology

Sri Rajasekharan T , Admin.Officer, Medical College,Kozhikode

Sri.Mr.Kader Punnappilakil,Chief Librarian


The Learning Resource Centre (LRC), Kozhikode is set up in an area of 1100 Sq ft inside the Medical College library. The state-of-the-art facility consists have a Linux based mid-range server, 16 high-end PC workstations with 100 MBPS interconnectivity, and the supporting infrastructure.

The salient highlight of the Learning Resource Centre is the Software based mirrored CD-jukebox, which can store the contents of hundreds of medical CDs. Multiple users, utilizing the high-speed interconnectivity for viewing the visually rich multimedia characteristic of medical procedures, can then seamlessly browse the contents. CDs are indexed based on specialized medical topics and can be accessed randomly, with deep searching facility, based on keywords. The server side application, forming the crucial portion of the software has been entirely developed in open source.

A Contactless Smart Card System, developed by C-DAC, controls the access and usage of the facility. All the requisite accounting based on terminal usage, utilization of peripheral resources, etc. is done automatically, with full transparency ensured.

Two high speed Internet connections(2 Mbps) enables direct Internet access, required for net-based subscriptions such as Medline, Up-to-Date, etc.

Subscription of MD Consult,a family of electronic information resources that meet the clinical content needs of physicians and other health care professionals.

Peripherals such as printer, scanner, photocopier, CD-Writer, etc. enable users to take copies of the material they find useful for preparing their study reports.

The comfort systems include the latest Cassette type air-conditioners, and high quality fittings for a conducive environment.

An on-line UPS and diesel generator ensure uninterrupted operation of the centre.