The Government of Kerala has initiated far reaching reforms to improve the patient care in the Medical colleges and to make them centers of excellence pursuing active research relevant to the state.  Under the circumstances, it becomes imperative that steps be taken to provide infrastructural and institutional support for research. The Research Resource Centre (RRC) is to play a pivotal role in achieving this aim.


The RRC in Govt Medical College shall function with the following mandate.

  1. To increase the competence of the faculty in various aspect of research methodology, by conducting workshops and short courses.
  2. To vet all postgraduates theses protocols and faculty research projects and suggest improvements.
  3. To conduct protocol development workshops to prepare projects for submitting to various funding agencies.
  4. To promote multi-disciplinary research.
  5. To provide statistical and secretarial help.
  6. To liaise with appropriate funding agencies and organizations that provide technical and core facility support like the the Centre for Genomic Application (TCGA) and National facility for biochemicals and genomic resources (NFBGR).
  7. To develop core research facilities in the campus for use by all the departments.
  8. To liaison with SBMR for project submission,scrutiny,approval ans fund allocation.
  9. To coordinate activities of Institutional Research Committee, Institutional Ethics Committee and Medical education unit under one roof for planning academic and research activities.
  10. To scrutinize faculty proposal for attending national/international conferences and to help them get financial assistance from SBMR fund

RRC is constituted as follows

1. Institutional Ethics Committee (IEC)

2. Institutional Research Committee (IRC)

3. Medical Education unit (MEU)


  1. To coordinate the activities of the 3 units
  2. To train faculties and Residents in Research methodology, Good clinical practice and project preparation
  3. To impart training in teaching methods
  4. To have a common forum for teachers and residents for interaction
  5. To evaluate teaching skills and student grading of teachers
  6. To promote clinical research
  7. To identify funding agencies
  8. To optimize utilization of SBMR funds
  9. To select faculty for attending international conferences and national conferences
  10. To evaluate research proposals by staff and students


  1. Institutional Ethics Committee (IEC)


Dr N C Cherian
Additional Professor
Dept. of Paediatrics
GMC Kozhikode
Dr Vijayakumar. M
Addl. Professor
Dept. of Paediatrics
GMC Kozhikode
Member secretary
Adv D V Narayanan
Senior Advocate, Calicut Bar
Dr N K Thulaseedharan
Professor and Head
Dept. of General Medicine
GMC Kozhikode
Dr Supriya N  K
Dept. of Pathology
GMC Kozhikode
Dr Beena Guhan
Associate Professor
Dept. of Obstetrics & Gynaecology
GMC Kozhikode
Dr M P Sreejayan
Additional Professor
Dept. of Surgery
GMC Kozhikode
Dr Laila K V
Associate Professor
Dept. of Pharmacology
GMC Kozhikode
Rtn. Latha Kumar
Rotarian & Social Worker
Mr Sajeesh P
Member (Lay Person)

For Downloading IEC Submission form Please Click the link below:

1) Ethics Submission Form for Faculty

2) Ethics SubmisssionForm for JRs-students


 2. Institutional Research Committee (IRC)

A committee chaired by the principal will oversee the activities of the Research resource centre.  The committee will have 12 members. The members will meet every month to finalize the new protocols. There will be member-secretary who will act as the convener.  All members are expected to go through all research protocols and offer their comments and suggestions. They will also take up those functions of the RRC as requested by the convener.

Dr. V. R. Rajendran
Dr. Prathap Somnath
Vice Principal
Vice chairman
Dr Harish M T
Professor Psychiatry
Nodal Officer
Dr Biju George
Asst. Professor   Community Medicine
Dr Sheeja Rajan
Asst Prfoessor Plastic Surgery
Dr. Jyothi Ramesh Chandran
Addl. Professor OBG
Dr.Balaji Zacharia
Asso.Professor Orthopaedics
Dr.Padma B Prabhu
Asso. Professor Ophthalmology
Ms Ajitha
Asst Prfoessor in Statistics, O&G
Dr. Chandni R
Asso ProfessorGeneral Medicine
Dr. Shameer V K
Asst ProfessorGeneral Medicine
Dr. Chandrasekharan.S
Asst ProfessorGeneral Surgery
Dr Bindu Vijayakumar
Asst ProfessorOBG
Dr. Jayakrishnan M P
Addl ProfessorPaediatrics
Dr. Firoz K
Asst ProfessorPsychiatry

For Downloading IRC Submission form Please Click the link below:

1)IRC Submission Form For Faculty and Residents

2) Guidelines for submission of Research Protocols


RCMET MEMBERS – Updating……………………………

Sl No Faculty Name Department Position Phone No: e-mail address
1 Dr. V R Rajendran  Principal Exofficio Chairman 0495-2350201
2 Dr.Geetha Govindaraj Pediatrics Convener 9846197855
3 Dr.Anitha.P.M Microbiology Co-Convener 9387117887
4 Dr. Asuma Raheem Community Medicine Member 9846120001
5 Dr.Sreedevi Menon PMR Member 9947412900
6 Dr. Krishnakumar P Paediatrics Member 9846922186
7 Dr Reeba Mary Mani PMR Member 9847007978
8 Dr. Smitha Santhosh OBG Member
9 Dr.Safreena Mohammed.N Pulmonary Medicine Member 9947559333
10 Dr Rojith K Balakrishnan General Medicine Member
11 Dr. Sheeja Rajan T M Plastic Surgery Member 9747001136
12 Dr. Sindhu T G Paediatrics Member  9846102548
13 Dr. Sooraj Rajagopal PMR Member 9746717372
14 Dr. Neeraj Manikath General Medicine Member 9447391055
15 DR. Ashalatha P R Anatomy Member 9447711785
16 Dr. Sivakumar C P Community Medicine Member 9400732872



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Ongoing Research in 2011-12 approved for SBMR

research grant



Name, Designation and dept of



Title of the study


Dr Mini PNAsst professor, Micro- biology Micro biological spectrum and outcome of bacteremia in pediat- ric oncology patients


Dr.Sreelatha.M, Prof & HODNephrology IgA nephropathy-validation of the new Oxford MEST scoring system and assessment of the responseto combination of low dose steroid with mycofenolate mofetyl


Dr.Shajit Sadanand, Asst professor, Medicine Clinical and serological profile of anti phosphorlipid antibody syn- drome in North Kerala


Dr.Suma R Asst.Professor, ENT Study of subclinical auditory dysfunction in Type2diabetes mellitus  .


Dr. Nirmal BhaskarAsst Profr, Pediatric Surg Post Natal outcome of AntenatallyDetected Renal Anomalies


Dr.M.P Jayakrishnan Asst professor, pediat- rics Biochemical Abnormalities in children on first line Anti retro viral therapy.


Dr.Sunny George, Asst.Professor, Resp. Med A Study to evaluate the role of Glycosylated Haemoglobine (HbAIC) level to predict the influence of diabetes mellituson sputum conversion status of Multidrug resistant tuberculosis patients.


Dr. Neetha Sreedharan, Asst Professor, Obg&Gyn Future risk of Diabetes and metabolic syndrome after gesta- tional diabetes mellitus-A pro- spective study in Govt. Medical College,Calicut


Dr.Shabina.M.B, Asst.Professor, Microbiology Detection of Extended spectrum beta lactamases in nosocomial gram negative clinical isolates.
10 Dr.Anitha .P.M Assoc Professor, Microbiology Evaluation of immune Response to Hepatitis B Vaccine
11 Dr.Beena Philomena J Assoc Professor, Microbiology Confirmation and treatment outcome of smear negative pulmonary and extra pulmonary Tuberculosis
12 Dr. Ramachandran Assoc Professor, Gasteroenterology Impact of Diabetes Mellitus OnThe Clinical Outcome of Cirrtiosis
13 Dr. Bindhu N Asst Professor, Ophthalmology A cross sectional study Using spectral optical coherence tomog- raphy
14 Dr. Raju K V Professor, Ophthalmology Factors influencing Macular Thickness in Indian Diabetes Mel- litus Patients-A spectral optical coherence Tomography study
15 Dr.Jyothi EAsst Professor, RespMedicine A prospective study on the etiol- ogy, clinical course and  outcome of Community Acquired Pneumo- nia
16 Dr.K.P Suraj Asso.Prof, Resp Medicine Clinical Profile and Treatment Outcome of Diffuse Parenchymal Lung Diseases(DPLD)-A Pro- spective Study
17 Dr.P.T.James,Prof & HOD, RespMedicine A study on polymerase chain reaction of pleural biopsy as a rapid and sensitive method for the diagnosis of tuberculous pleural effusion
18 Dr.A.MohamedMusthafaLecturer,Resp Medicine Comparative Study on the effi- cacy and safety of Nicotin re- placement therapy.Bupropion and Vernecline in  smoking cessation
19 Dr.T.Ajayakumar Professor, Radiotherapy Cancer Screening RuralPopulation
20 Dr.Najeeba Riyaz Prof & HOD, Dermatology Assessment of disease actives in relapsed cases of leprosy using PCR technique and Anti PGL-1Antibodies
21 Dr.Najeeba Riyaz Prof & HOD, Dermatology Viral Infections in Severe Cutane- ous Drug Reactions– A cross sectional study.
22 Dr.Binitha.M.P. Additional Professor, Dermatology The use of high resolution ul- trasonography to detect nerve involvement in leprosy.
23 Dr.Abdul Latheef Associate Professor, Dermatology A study on psychiatric morbidityin is and it’s response to psoriasis psychopharmacotherapy
24 Dr.Mamatha George Senior Resident, Dermatology Mucocutaneous manifestations in renal allograft recipients.
25 Dr. Aravindan K P Professor & HOD, Pathology Is grossing of fresh specimens better than routinely fixed specimens for evaluation of Mastectomy specimen?
26 Dr. Sathi P P Professor, Pathology Factors affecting Variability of mitotic counts in tumor histology
27 Dr. Anitha Kumari Asst Professor, Psychiatry Psychiatric morbidity among prisoners
28 Dr. Bindhu C S Asst Professor, Pathology Charecterisation and Prognostica- tion of Plasma cell Neoplasm’s
29 Dr. Prabhavathi K S Professor & HOD, Psychiatry Tempermental factors and psychiatric morbidity in children attending child guidance clinic at a tertiary level referral centre
30 Dr. Jeeja MC Asst Professor, Pharmacology Estimation of Homocysteine levels in Pediatric patients taking Anti epileptic drugs and the effect of Folic acid supplementation
31 Dr. Bhasker RaoAsst. Prof, CommunityMedicine Aedes albopictus in Calicut, Kerala- Ecology and transmissio
32 Dr. Chandini R Assoc. Professor, Medicine Estimation of Visceral fat and its metabolic and clinical correlates in metabolic syndrome
33 Dr. Rosemma JosephProfessor,Dept of PeriodonticsDental College Association of Vitamin D status in chronic Periodontitis with type II Diabetes mellitus – A hospital based case control study
34 Ms. BabithaAsst Professor, NursingCollege A study to assess the multidimen- sional factors of internet addiction disorders among adolescents in selected schools of Kozhikodecity
35 Dr. Jayakumar E K Asst. Professor,Nephrology Study of role of circulating an- giogenic factors as a predictor of pre-eclampsiain pregnant women